Parent Tips for Kindergarten Room 141

October 18, 2021

The 10 FRAMES are the grids that you will see in your child's take-home folder.  The ones used to 'build' a specific number.  Other 10 FRAMES in the classroom look like this:

all text

October 07, 2021
Printing practice at home: Students will have printing sheets to practise the forming the focus letters from the previous week. So far, we have done Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii with this week's letters being Pp and Nn.
Practice requires just a few samples of carefully formed letters. No need to do more than 5 of each example.
Year 1 (JK) students have the bottom half of a sheet to form 5 good sample of the focus letter. Focus on starting points and direction (see the verbal cues included in the folders). No worries about lines just yet.
Year 2 (SK) students have lined paper to guide the formation. A little more care with size and placement for this. Remember, 5 good samples.

September 27, 2021
Take-home folders: These folders help inform you about some of what we have been doing at school. There will be 'homework' to do - no pressure. It will allow for students to 'show off' and practise the skills they have explored at school. It is meant as a time to celebrate their learning.
These skills will include:
- printing (letter and number formation and recognition);
- instructions are included in the folder
- encourage proper pencil/crayon/marker grip and verbal instructions
- focus on starting points and direction when forming letters and numbers
- Yr 1 (JK) students do 5 good trials in the blank space below the models
- Yr 2 (SK) students complete the practice sheet example
- reading (simple alphabet books that build letter-sound awareness and early readers):
- math exercises (number sense activities regarding 1:1 matching, magnitude, recognition and building number)
These folder go home Mondays and are to be returned to school Thursdays
We may switch the circulation days, if this does not work. __________

August 18, 2021

This section of the website can be viewed by parents to find some background information about learning and development in the Kindergarten classroom.  There will be descriptions of materials used in the classroom, as well.