Kinder News for Kindergarten Room 141

Friday, November 27, 2020
We will be transitioning to Brightspace - another platform where we may share classroom happenings from school.
We will be making announcements from there. Other information, such as calendar events, parent tips, curriculum expectations will also be presented in that space.
Please be sure to sign in with your child's board account.
You will all have received information about how to do this.
Go to
Enter your child's USERNAME AND PASSWORD.
If you experience any difficulty, please contact me at
See you there!


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Did we all remember to Fall back with our time change?
Please check out our photo albums for October events:
Terry Fox Run
Halloween Dance
Take good care of your selves.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
So sorry for this. 
Parent-Teacher Conferences CANCELLED
More detailed information coming from the Board.

Tues., Oct. 27, 2020
Upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences
These are planned to start after school on
Thurs., Nov. 19
and continue through Fri., Nov 20.
Please be sure to register on School Day in order to set your preferred meeting time.

Mon., Oct. 26, 2020
We welcome a new student to our classroom today...
Kelitah is a Yr 1 student who comes to us from Toronto. We are glad that she has joined us.
We, now, have 24 students in our class.


October 18, 2020

Homework update

There is an additional piece in the take-home folders this week (Just to share some things that we are doing in Math).  Students are being asked to build a number on a Ten Frame a couple of times a week and then to print it.  We have been working with these in school to keep track of the number of days in school.  Students are familiar with the 10 Frames.

There is an information sheet to go along with this activity.  It will help you help your child.  Included in the folder, are stickers to use on the Ten Frame.  They will be supplied as needed.  Students have been instructed that the stickers are to be used only on the 10 Frame.  Please make sure that the students do so.
There is more information in the Parent Tips section.

It is hard to believe that Halloween is around the corner.
Halloween 2018 | Halloween clipart free, Halloween images, Halloween  pumpkin images

We are also approaching reporting times where we meet with parents to discuss Initial Observations of student learning.
Report card will be issued on Wednesday, Nov. 18 with
Parent-Teacher Interviews/Conferences
to follow on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 19 and throughout the day Friday, Nov. 20
More information to come about Conference bookings.

Thursday, October 15, 2020
Spirit Day tomorrow
Show your colours!
Friday, October 16, 2020
St. Michael the Archangel school will be a rainbow
as we all wear our division-specific colours:
Primary students will be bright and shining like the sun, with yellow.
See you in your yellow tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 07, 2020
Take-home folders are to be returned to school tomorrow
See Parent tips for more information about future homework.

October 06, 2020
The Terry Fox Run went well yesterday - everyone enjoyed a good run outside on a beautiful autumn day.
It was good to see the majority of the class members back at school. We were running on half a class for the better part of last week. Nice to have most back this week.
Thank you for all of your kind and considerate messages about the absences. Your conscientious decision and concern are much appreciated. We are grateful to all of you for your team spirit in all of this. Yes, we are all in this together. It is good to be working with such a kind group up people.
Take good care. Best wishes for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy this lovely time however you may be able to ...

September 27, 2020
Hoping this message finds you all well. We are forging forward with programming while making our best efforts to maintain safety and health for all of the students in the classroom. Transitions, currently, take up more time than usual, but that is to be expected as we try to minimize the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
Take-home folders will be going home Mon., Sept. 28 for the first time. They are expected back to school for Thurs., Oct 01. As this is a change from the daily routines we have had in place from the past, we anticipate a few glitches. We will adapt as needed. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
Please see the Parent Tip section of this website to learn more about the Take-Home folders and what is involved.
Enjoy this warm weekend.


September 13, 2020
Welcome back to the start of a new school year.
Our first week with the Yr 2 students was fantastic. I cannot appropriately express how over-the-moon happy we were with how it went. What a fantastic group of families. Your children are so ready to take this challenge on and we are honoured by your trust in us to move forward with them!
I now it was only a 2 day week, but Yay for us! We did it!
Our return will see a slow and measured approach. We thank you for your patience as we work through all of the details.
All of our planning will not be able to account for every detail. Sometimes, we feel like we are flying by the seat of our pants - and in many ways, we are. Jumping in and just getting started is the way we have to do this. We are flying the plane as we build it.
This next week will see the Yr 1 students get staggered in, ending with a full complement of students by the end of the week. As we become used to the new routines and expectations necessary to follow protocols to the best of our abilities, information about language, math and science learning will become available here. Once the board has completed setup for our D2L (Desire to Learn) platform, more can be shared and parents will be able to get more insight to what is happening in the learning routines at school. 


September 6, 2020
Labour Day is tomorrow and, unlike other years, school will not begin the day after BUT on Thursday, September 10th.
This will be the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for all of us!
We will be taking things slowly, with a focus on Mental Health and Emotional Well-being. Our efforts will concentrate on creating a comfortable and safe environment where we can nurture students' sense of belonging and comfort.
Regarding COVID-19 spread control.
There will be expectations that parents remain physically distanced as they drop off students. You are required to leave the premises afterwards in order to eliminate congregating in large groups once student drop-off is complete.
Together, we can do this!
We look forward to seeing students (and parents - quickly) on Thursday.

August 25, 2020


Check out this great video provided by the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium for parents of students who will be riding the school bus for the first time this year.


(Please note that further information regarding bus seating plans and COVID-19 safety protocols will also be shared with bus student families.)


August 18, 2020
Technical difficulties
have prevented staff from accessing teacher websites for some time. A 'work around' has been discovered and given us an alternate way to access. The problem should soon be resolved.
We look forward to starting the new school year with some trepidation. Teachers would like only to get back to work in a climate of normalcy. HOWEVER, we are fully cognizant about the current health concerns.
We, as Canadians, have done a good job of living with the COVID-19 virus in our midst. We know what works to keep it at bay and are capable of behaving accordingly. We must not fail to acknowledge that it is through our concerted efforts that this has all been possible. We must persist and remain diligent, kindly encouraging and commending everyone's efforts. We can do this together - as a team.
Our Kindergarten classes are best positioned to make an attempt at approaching normalcy. We are separated from the rest of the school: we have our own yard; we have our own entrance; we have our own bathroom; we have 2 sinks in the classroom. Educators will work diligently to teach, model, practise necessary health and safety habits.
We must view our Kindergarten students as capable and competent learners who are adaptable.

Let's all exhale and set our minds to successful practices before we return to the classroom.

July 06, 2020

School Start in September
The board continues to work on this date as the Ministry of Education just recently (June 30 at 7:30) share parameter around the topic.
Stay tuned ...


June 24, 2020
Perfect Score.png
Report Cards
To be distributed via School Messenger during
the week of June 28.
The school board is working on testing and preparing the system and will be sending them out once the process is confirmed.

Parents will be contacted regarding a time to pick up students' belongs that have been left behind.

June 21, 2020
Last week of school...
Illustration Of The Sun With Clouds.png
We can't say that we are sad about this school year coming to an end. It has been a slog since March! We are usually saddened about seeing the students go for the summer, especially the Year 2 students who have spent 2 years with us. Our time comes to an end and there is a certain sense of loss experienced in June. Instead, this year, our hearts have been heavy with loss for a long time and it has truly weighed on us...almost like grieving without closure.
We send you best wish for the summer with a strong hope of seeing you under more normal circumstances in September.
It will be a long summer - we do not go back until September 8 this year. A very long time to wait, however, this may offer opportunities to develop solutions for the current health crisis that everyone is experiencing.
The Google Classroom with remain accessible to you during the summer. Feel free to revisit activities, add posts and share about your adventures. It would be fun to hear about them through the summer. We will check in occasionally.
Blessings for a safe and happy summer. __________

June 19, 2020
Happy Birthday to Avery,
who turns 6 today.

cake pics hd - Yahoo Image Search Results | Happy birthday flower ...

June 14, 2020
Hard to believe that we find ourselves coming to the end of a school year.
As you may already know, we will be distributing student belongings. Mr. Nadon shared the procedure with parents last week. This is new for all of us and it may not go as smoothly as our planning may suggest. Success in executing this tasks will dependent on being quick and focused in our attempts to make the handoff. It is tightly scheduled and will not allow for much chatting.
We have gathered all of the students' belongings into bags. We have not sent anything to the large LOST & FOUND in the parking lot, so you can exit directly after picking up your Kindergarten child's belongings. We only had 2 pairs of unmarked mittens in the classroom and they've been left in there.
If you have any learning material, such as reading books, or letter-sound games, please return them on this day. We can exchange materials when you arrive to pick up your child's belongings.
Our classroom time is set for
Wed., June 17 at 8:00 - 9:00
You have the opportunity to choose a 5-minute interval for pick up on SchoolDay.


June 06, 2020
Here we are, almost halfway through the year 2020. I don't feel that I have gotten to know it, yet. I fear that it may slip away before I am able to do so, leaving me with little or no memories of it.
Our attention is being draw to the outdoors and the weather is certainly not conducive to maintaining our attention on learning tasks. In keeping with this reality, we generally move outdoors with some of our learning. We may take trips (short and long ones, near and far) to add to our learning experiences, exploring nature and the riches that we can find there.
With this in mind, we have a virtual excursion set to happen on Wed., June 10 in our Google Classroom. Let your children know that we are going on a trip to Wonderland! There will be a choice board from which to choose activities in response to the virtual outing.
Enjoy your weekend.


May 21, 2020
A special day for Emiliano, today...
Happy 6th Birthday, Emiliano

10 Flash Gordon Birthday Cakes Photo - Flash Superhero Birthday ...

May 18, 2020
Happy Wet
(is there any other kind?) Victoria Day Weekend.
Please check out Parent Tip section for some information about the Math that we do.

May 17, 2020
It is another special day for someone in our class.
Anthony turns 6 today.
Happy 6th Birthday, Anthony
Library of happy birthday cake with candles banner free library ...


May 16, 2020
Here we are - the first long weekend to kick off the summer season in Ontario!
Happy Long Weekend
Hope you find some rest and rejuvenation in this time.
We cannot find words to express our sincerest appreciation for all of the wonderful support that you have offered us as we take this uncharted journey through this very different landscape. It is a comfort to navigate through this terrain with you. Your children (our students) will be better people for it all. We will all be, as we have shown kindness and the spirit of hope consistently.
Today is a special day for Alex
Happy 5th Birthday, Alex

Newest Super Hero cake I made for our grandsons 5 th birthday ...

Maintain physical distance, sustain social contact.

Be well, everyone!

May 8, 2020

A most sincere wish for a
Happy Mother's Day.

We hope that you receive a well-deserved pampering!

Luxury Mother's Day Bouquets by Amie Bone Flowers | London And Watford

May 02, 2020

As we come to the end of the 4th week of this experience with the Virtual Learning Environment, we would like to take an opportunity to say that we never want to do this again. It is no way to teach young learners.
However, let it be known that you, parents, have made this exceedingly more pleasant than we could ever have imagined.
Not only are you doing the most arduous job of being your children's primary care-givers and teachers, but you are instrumental in empowering us to do ours. Kudos to you all!


April 25, 2020

It is a special day today for Zlata, who turns 6.

Happy birthday, Zlata!

Not here often recently, as time seems to slip away most days.

Taking the time to say thank you to all parents for:

  • your support
  • your engagement
  • the wonderful job you are doing with your children

We will all be stronger for having this experience together.
We must honour the challenges and difficulties that arise and notice the blessings as well, embrace them both. - great life lessons are being learned - beautiful characters are being built

We miss being in the classroom in relationship with the students and strongly wish to return to it.

The students will not remember the specific leaning but will remember the feeling that comes out of this.  We hope that you enjoy the time with your children at home.  Read, play, explore, grow and learn.

Catholic Education Week 

May 04 - 08, 2020

Cardinal Collins will be broadcasting mass live from


St. Michael Cathedral in Toronto
Wed., May 06 at 10:00 a.m. All are invited to share in the celebration  - click on the following link to do so:


Maintain physical distance, sustain social connection.
Be well. __________

Apr., 09, 2020
It has been busy, to say the least. I fear that I've neglected this space, however, we have managed to truly connect in a more direct way on the Google Classroom.
What happened to the start of Spring?? I guess that we should not be surprised as we rarely just get going on this much-anticipated change in weather. Some of our biggest snow storms have occurred in April.
We are going into a long weekend. For most of us, this would be an opportunity to spend time visiting family, sharing copious amounts of food, and enjoying the company of people we do not get to see regularly.
The norms have changed and drawing on our endless ingenuity, we have found different ways to come together - virtually. Our family will be meeting on Sunday to share some face time for Easter.
May the promise of new life and optimism of this season play a rejuvenating part in your Easter weekend.

Apr., 05, 2020
We begin with a birthday

It's a Girl! It's a Boy! And for the Gender-Reveal Cake, It May Be ... Happy 5th Birthday, Olivia! We are so happy to see you sign up to the Google Classroom for our Virtual Learning Environment. You will notice that we are taking it slowly, as we become more familiar with the processes required to accomplish this. We are constantly involved in seminars about how to get this done. There is information and guidance coming from many different directions at the same time: directives from the board, the ministry, the unions. Despite our desire to make this a smooth transition, there will be mistakes and we may break some rules in our attempts to deliver learning activities. We appreciate your patience and tolerance. Palm Sunday How fitting that we begin our journey at the start of Holy Week. Keeping Jesus' tribulations in mind, we are reminded to maintain perspective and breathe ... especially in the wee hours of the night (when is losing sleep over this). Remain safe and sound - take good care. __________ Apr. 04, 2020 Access to Google Drive information has been sent to all. Please give it a try. Some may notice that your child's email was in the "To" box, so he/she may have received the same email. Sorry about that, technological mis-step. There may be a few more of those to come. Thank you for your co-operation with this endeavour. One step at a time. __________ Apr. 03, 2020 Good morning, parents/guardians. It's looking like a beautiful spring day. Hope you are able to enjoy it. We are preparing to issue information to all parents in the classroom. Soon you will be contacted with instructions to access your child's Google Drive account created by the board. With this information you will be able to access the VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. We hope the process goes smoothly for us to begin on Monday, April 06, 2020. Birthday News: Happy 6th Birthday to Lucas! Image result for boy birthday cake Remember to maintain physical distance but sustain social contact. Be well. __________ Apr. 02, 2020 You will have received the message from our Ministry of Education regarding the start of the remote learning for Monday, April 06, 2020. We are all learning as we go through this (the board directors, the consultants, the support staff, the principals, the teachers). None of us has ever done this before. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we begin to navigate these uncharted waters. There will be errors along the way. This format is far from ideal and not an appropriate method for instruction of young students. This will never replicate the learning that occurs in the classroom setting. Missing from the formula are the multitude of daily human interactions that are vital in forming our youngest students. Gone are the opportunities to engage in social interactions which support the development of skills to become part of a social group. So much of Kindergarten learning is the development of social skills where students learn about the subtleties in creating human connections. We miss being a part of this and hope fervently to return to the classroom sooner than later. Keep well, stay safely distanced physically, maintain the social connections we all need to survive emotionally through these most difficult times. __________ Apr. 01, 2020 We are feverishly working towards developing a way to teach remotely. Stay tuned... _________________________________ Mar. 31, 2020 Hoping you are all well. My hands are so dry from all the hand-washing that I do not believe there to be enough moisturizer to help. Some new hand-washing songs, for those looking to find some. View the link below. Take good care everyone. __________________________________ Mar. 30, 2020 Good morning all, Please note that the school board has created a site with information that complements the Ministry of Education's Learn at Home. Parents can access this with the link below: (Learn at Home tab) ___________________________________________ Mar. 27, 2020 During this COVID 19 Crisis, we are all experiencing significant challenges. We are also experiencing uplifting events that demonstrate heartwarming examples of compassion in our community. Truly, a sign of the goodness in us all. There is concern about everyone's well-being. Some resources you may wish to explore can be found by accessing School Mental Health Ontario at the link below:
Take good care.
Mar 26, 2020
Wishing you all well, as we continue to come to terms with this new reality. A Thought We miss being in the classroom with our students and look forward to returning to them. Our goals in the Kindergarten classroom is to create an environment in which our students can engage in authentic, deep, self-directed and playful experiences that align with their individual development. This can happen, most naturally, at home. Don't feel pressured to recreate traditional school settings. That tightly-structured and scheduled 'desk time' approach is more appropriate in a formal setting where it offers instructors crowd control for learning opportunities. March 25 Two classmates are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy 6th Birthday to Jaxon! Image result for boy birthday cake Happy 5th Birthday to Layla! Image result for girl birthday cake Further to our conversation:
The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board rightly expects its staff to take expert directives seriously and so would be expected to take leadership roles in terms of both social distancing and self-isolation (as required). Our youth may have the most difficult time adhering to these directives and so the Board's psychology staff has created a resource called, We Need Teens To Lead The Way. We hope families find it helpful.

March 22, 2020

It is sad to be missing school tomorrow.

As information becomes available, the board will be sharing with staff, students and parents regarding the next steps to be taken during this challenging situation.  We are in a constant state of flux - an unsettled status for those of us who like to plan and prepare. BUT we are also flexible and will adjust.

Hoping to see you all sooner than later!

March Break Surprise!

Surprising revelations about school closures left all of us shocked, however, we understand that this is a decision made in the best interest of everyone's well-being.

The sudden announcement of the 'extended' March Break did not allow for preparation.  Without over-burdening parents, students may continue to keep up their skills at home with support. 

Below are a few ideas/suggestions:

1. read - every day (wherever it fits into your schedule - I found bedtime a natural point in the day to do this or listening to them read while I prepared meals) - many of the PM readers that have gone home for reading can be found at the local library (if they remain open).  You may choose familiar books that your children have already read.
2.  play board games that involve counting or spatial reasoning - visit the PARENT TIPS section of this website for ideas
3.  practise name-printing (first and last) and lower-case letter formation - review reference sheets for this in your child's folder
4.  keep a journal of daily/weekly activities - this can be shared at school when the students return (it could replace the Surprise Sack routine for a while)

We look forward to getting back in step with routines and wish all of you a safe and healthy time away from us.

Spirit Day

March 13 - Green Day
Wear green on this day for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day

Update for March 02 - 06

Image result for lion or lamb march

Monday March 02- pizza and spirit day (wear your NEON colours)
- changed due to snow days

Image result for pizza
Please note that when pizza days are interrupted, the delivery of slices to the students will be moved to the next consecutive day (one snow day - one day later; two snow days, two days later).

February 2020

Image result for allergies to nut

We had a new Kindergarten join our school this week.  This student has a severe, life-threatening allergy

While this student is not in our class daily, know that we share spaces with our Kindergarten peers regularly.

We ask all parents to be diligent in their monitoring of food that is being sent to school by carefully reading labels to observe the 'May contain' warnings.  Should these products escape your watchful eyes, we will be sure to return them to you and substitute a safe product in their place.

Image result for allergies to nut

We appreciate your assistance in keeping our learning space safe for all students.

Ash Wednesday:  Feb. 26
9:30 in the school gym - parents invited and welcome to the distribution of ashes

Image result for celtic cross

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spirit Day
- Friday, February 28  "Neon Day":  Wear a bright neon colour!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Fruggles for sale this week during 2nd Nutrition Break at $2.00 a piece.

Image result for 100th day of school

4 more days until the 100th day of school!

Next week, we will continue with activities around estimating, magnitude (more/less than) and exploring large numbers (i.e., 3-digit numbers).

We will be exploring Spatial Reasoning and Geometry more deeply, beyond our 100th day of school.  Further ideas and thinking around this subject will be shared with parents in the PARENT TIPS section of this website.

Feb. 06, 2020

With the advent of St. Valentine's Day and the potential for treats being sent into the classroom, a request is necessary:
Image result for st. valentine's day

We advise parents against sending treats without original wrapping into the classroom.  Any food without a wrapper that lists its contents will be returned home, as there can be serious fallout from students transferring contaminants to surfaces around the school.  Anaphylaxis is a reality for a number of students and teachers in the building.

We appreciate your support and participation in keeping our school a safe place for the people who are most vulnerable to offending substances.

Jan. 30

Our Spirit Day was a success...view some pictures of our class members in the gallery.

Jan. 27, 2020


Mon., Jan 27:  Literacy Day
- Older students in the school will pair up with younger ones to share some literacy activities
Tues., Jan 28: Dental Screening
- A team of caring and gentle professionals will take a look at the general oral health and 'count some teeth' of the children in our classroom
Thurs., Jan 30: Spirit Day and School Mass 
- 'Jersey Day': Wear your favourite team's sports jersey
- 9:30 is the time set for mass at the school (parents are always welcome to join us in the gym for this)
Fri., Jan 31:  PA Day
- there is no school for students on Professional Activity Days

Jan. 14, 2020

Image result for barrie colts logo

Barrie Colts visit today.

We are the featured school on Sat., Jan. 25, 2020.  Tickets are available on Schoolday and will be delivered by the end of next week.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see pictures.

Jan. 06, 2020

Happy New Year!

Upcoming Events:

- Friday, Jan. 10 - Vision Screening for Year 2 students
- Sat., Jan. 25 - Barrie Colts Game - St. Michael's school is sponsored
                      - tickets now available

- Tues., Jan. 28 - Dental screening all Kindergarten students
- Thurs., Jan 30 - Spirit Day: Jersey Day

Welcome back.  Hope the Christmas Break was restful and joyful.

Friday, December 13, 2019

A Christmas Miracle in Room 141

- see photo gallery ...

Mon., Dec. 09, 2019

Wow, what a great response to our food drive so far....surely we will fill that cruiser on Thursday!

...and on another note:  Chocolate donations for the Parent Council basket raffle are also being welcomed.

Please be sensitive to the allergy factor in our school.  We hope that we can avoid any health hazards by getting nut-free donations.  Keeping this in mind, all chocolate in the baskets will have to be nut-free.  Your consideration of this is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

November 28, 2019

Upcoming food drive for the month of December.
We are collecting for the food bank.  Our task is to fill a cruiser with the items that are donated.
Please send in non-perishable food items by December 12.

We have finished with reporting to parents about student progress this far.  Thanks to all for your time to meet.

You will have noticed that the yellow take-home folders no longer have the sheets and stickers to practice building numbers on the 10 Frames.  We having completed numbers 0 - 10. 
Now, we will use this information and skill to continue with applying it to other learning activities in Math in order to build more number sense awareness.  Please visit the PARENT TIP section of this website to review the phases of the Number Sense trajectory, through which the students will be progressing.
We cannot stress enough, the importance of counting.  Take every opportunity to do so.  It builds number sense awareness in many ways.  Students practise many skills that help to build greater number awareness.

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 29 - Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day
Dec. 11 - School Mass
Dec. 12 - "Fill a cruiser" food drive
Dec. 16 - Spirit Day - TBA
Dec. 18 - School Christmas Concert
Dec. 19 - Spirit Day - TBA
Dec. 20 - Spirit Day - TBA

Nov. 20, 2019

Update:  Christmas Concert has been set for ...
Wednesday, December 18 at 11:45

Image result for christmas concert

ov. 18, 2019 

Thank you to all parents who have met with us for parent-teacher interviews.  Your time is greatly appreciated.

Upcoming considerations

Advent is around the corner - a special time in our Liturgical calendar... and a really busy time of year for everyone.  Stay tuned for announcements.

 November 12, 2019

New pictures added to the Photo Gallery of our students enjoying the winter weather.

Mon., Nov. 11, 2019

Today, we had our Remembrance Day Liturgy, led by the Gr. 7 class.
  Our class did a beautiful job, participating respectfully and with attentive ears.

Our first snow is upon us...we can expect more.  As this season goes on, please be aware of the potential for SNOW DAYS.  This means that bus routes will be cancelled, however, school is open for learning.  If your child usually takes the bus and you choose to drive your child to school in the morning, please remember that you will have to pick up your child at 3:15.

Wed., Nov. 6: 

1.  Class pictures went home today. 

2.  Also included in the mailbag were some Hallowe'en pencils and erasers.  These were mailed to the class by our Pen-pal.  We had started communicating with Lucas, a boy with autism, last year and continue to keep in touch this year.  We have brainstormed ideas for a response to this letter and have included tokens of our appreciation in a package to be mailed by the end of the week.

3.  Many have responded to the interview request form in School Day.  Thank you for these prompt responses.  Should you have any trouble with booking a time, please let us know with a note in your child's mailbag, so we may support you with this.  We look forward to seeing everyone.  REMEMBER:  Students are more than welcome to take part in the interview.

Image result for parent teacher interview 

These will be held starting after school on Thurs., Nov. 14 through Fri., Nov. 15 (PA Day).

CORRECTION:  Sign-up for interview times will be done through SCHOOL DAY.  

We look forward to seeing you.

Picture retakes - set for Thursday, November 7.

Halloween is coming up...

Image result for halloween

On Thursday, October 31, we will mark the day by wearing black, orange and/or white.  There will be a school-wide assembly and a variety of pumpkin math activities.

There will be no costumes at school for the primary grades.

Past experience has proven that this is the best way to proceed, as it keeps students and costumes safe and in good repair for the evening activities.


Thurs., Oct. 10, 2019

Took a beautiful autumn walk yesterday.  Enjoyed the sights and sounds of the season.  Check the Photo Gallery for pix.

Wed., Oct. 09, 2019

Proofs have arrived from the photo company, Edge Imaging.
They have been placed in your child's mailbag.  You are encouraged to place your order online.
The due date for this is OCTOBER 17.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Upcoming Events

Terry Fox Run - Fri., Oct. 04 (raindate Mon., Oct. 07)
Rosary Apostolate - Tue., Oct. 08 (every 2nd Tues. of the month)
Thanksgiving - Mon., Oct. 14 (no school)
Mass - Wed., Oct. 16 at St. John Vianney Church
PA Day - Mon., Oct. 21 (no school)

Homework update

For some students, there is an additional piece in the take-home folders today (Just to share some things that we are doing in Math).  Students are being asked to build a number on a Ten Frame a couple of times a week and then to print it.  We have been working with these in school to keep track of the number of days in school.  Students are familiar with the 10 Frames.

There is an information sheet to go along with this.  It will help you help your child.  Included in the folder, are stickers to use on the Ten Frame.  They will be supplied as needed.  Students have been instructed that the stickers are to be used only on the 10 Frame.  Please make sure that the students do so.

By the end of the week, all students will have been given 2 numbers to work on.

See example, below.  A Ten Frame showing the number 10.
Image result for 10 frame
Thank you - The Kindergarten Team

August 19, 2019

 Welcome to a new school year!

We hope that the summer has been restful and rejuvenating.  The weather has been most cooperative.  

We will be preparing for the start of school in the coming days.

The school will be open for administrative updates and registrations during the last week of August (26 - 30).  Please be sure to check the school and board websites for more information.  Classes will not be completely set up until the end of the week.  Changes may be required in September, according to registration numbers.

Your children will be returning home with 'fully-stocked' mailbags.  Please review the information in these mailbags regularly and remember to return them to school daily.

Thank you - the Kindergarten Team

September 11, 2019

We have had a busy start to the year!  We are currently doing some assessments to get ourselves organized and ready to go with learning groups.

With that in mind, there has been lots of learning going on around routines and getting to know some of the rules of being in school.
Next week, parents can expect to see some language activities in the yellow take-home folders that are in the students' mailbags.  This will include some printing sheets and easy readers.

For the Year 1 students (JKs), using a marker may be an option at home, if pencils prove to be tools of torture when practising their letter formation.  They are to trace the letters on the upper half of the sheet and then, have a go at it on the lower half.  Three to five good letter formations are all we need to see (the bottom half does not need to be filled).  The Yr 2 (SKs) will be challenged to work within lined boundaries. The sheets are self-explanatory.
The easy readers for Year 1 students will focus on a letter.  Help your child find the letter, say the letter and read the word which is represented in the accompanying picture.

NOTE: all readers are created to support early reading skills with pictures that the support the print.  DO NOT HIDE THE PICTURES.  They are there to help your child learn to read.

P.S.:  We are not using agendas in our Kindergarten classroom.

Upcoming Events for the weeks ahead

Thursday, September 26

Picture Day

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Wear your smile!

Open House

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 5:00 - 6:30
See you there!