Parent Tips

October 09, 2019

Thank you for practising the letters and their sounds with your children.  Many students are well on their way to mastering this.

When doing the printing practice to form the target letters, ensure that your child is taking the time to form the letters carefully.  Refer to the formation sheet, included in the folder, to help your child with starting points and direction for printing the letter. 

Review proper grip in holding the pencil.  Remind them about the 'Crocodile bite.'

Focus on quality not quantity.  Four or five well-formed letters may be all we need for good practice.

October 02, 2019

Well done with the math homework for those who received it last night.
Included in your child's take-home folder will be a sheet with examples of what other numbers look like on the 10 Frame.

August 19, 2019

This section of the website can be viewed by parents to find some background information about learning and development in the Kindergarten classroom.  There will be descriptions of materials used in the classroom.

Tips and ideas to go along with concepts and skills development will also be found here.

Language activities related to Letter ID will be posted in the calendar by referencing the focus letters for the week.  This begins the second week if school ( he week of Sep 16).  Printing exercises will be sent home in the Take-Home folder for each student.

These activities are not meant to add stress to your day.  It is an opportunity for your children to share some of their learning with you.  They can be done daily or as your schedule allows.

Math activities will be performed with manipulatives at school with hands-on experiences.  Some Number Sense activities will be included in the Take-Home folder following the start of the Letter ID sheets.

These sheets can be kept in the folder, as reference for both classroom and home.  Thank you in advance for engaging in these early 'homework' activities.