Kinder News

SNOW DAY - buses have been cancelled - school is open.  When dropping off, please go to the front lobby of the school where we will gather the students.  At the end of the school day, we will be dismissing them from there, as well.  Be careful out there.

Milk and Pizza:
 Orders going home today...due back Jan. 27.  Late orders will not be accepted.  I will add this notice to the calendar.

Late to the yard in the morning?  Please sign your child in through the office - do not open the gate and let your child into the Kindergarten Yard....if we're not there, it's a safety issue.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Class List for your reference:


































Snow Days (when buses are cancelled) - please remember to present your child at the front lobby.  Day care has the yard in the morning and they will tell us who is present, however, the rest of the school population is to gather in the front lobby for a quick headcount.  Thanks for your help with this.

Thank you
 to all parents in sending things into the classroom - for craft supplies, tissues, paper towels and extra mittens (love the waterproof ones!).  This all goes a long way.

Welcome to GianFranco - new to our classroom, as of January 9, 2017

Assessments have begun and show that students have increased their knowledge base.  With reference to letter knowledge, they do very well when engaged in routine games and explorations, however, when new games or fonts are introduced they seem to think they don't know what they're looking at.  At home, parents and guardians can build letter knowledge and expand its application by pointing out environmental print to their children.

Indoor Shoes
- Remember that indoor shoes are needed - only a couple of pairs of stocking feet today.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Hope all is going well this holiday season.  Be careful in the snow.  We are looking forward to hearing about all of the adventures.  Please remember to send indoor shoes to school in January.

Indoor Shoes Coming Home
- please check for sizing - feet have grown since September....

Christmas Holidays -
We are grateful for your kind and most generous gifts.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  With warm hearts, we send best wishes for safe and happy holidays, hoping that all travel plans go smoothly.  Enjoy the company of family and friends during this blessed season.  We look forward to your return in the New Year.  See you January 09.

Mittens -
There is a crisis - many cold hands when we go out for recess.  Please send in the waterproof kind.  The knitted mittens are not entirely practical for outdoor play.  Thank you for considering this.  While we have extra, mismatched pairs in the classroom, there aren't enough to go around - we ran out today :(

Snow Days (bus cancellations due to weather) and Pizza -
Note that pizza day will be postponed to the following regular school day.  Please send a regular lunch if Thursdays happen to have bus cancellations.  School is open but pizza will be postponed.
We are in the CENTRAL zone - local radio stations will refer to cancellations in this manner.

Photo Gallery -
Check it out...We're still learning how it works - when we figure out how to rotate the photos, we won't be suffering from kinked necks.
Added to them are descriptions of activities and the learning that is happening

Family Photos - the display is creating lots of talk and curiosity with the students.  It is good to see the diversity in the different shapes and sizes families come in.

Change of Clothes - Seeing that the weather has changed to cooler temperatures...we will check students' extra clothing to make sure that it is season appropriate.  We will send home a request for a new alternative should any of the students need to change.

Label clothing - please remember to put your child's name on all articles of clothing coming to the classroom.  The students are still learning to recognize their personal belongings and how to care for them.

This year's Board-wide theme is "Celebrating Family".  With this in mind, we are asking for each family to send a family photo, so that we may create a display within the classroom.  They don't have to be originals.  It could become a cozy corner, where students can spend some quiet time. The photos can be inspiration for writing and math.  Feel free to update photos - send them in anytime.   

The cold weather is coming...practise with zippers