Kinder News

We have had a shuffle of students. Our class list is as follows... Year 1 (AKA JK) students Year 2 (AKA SK) students Andy Amelia Anthony Andre' Avery Bia Daneel Brady Declan S Declan H Elise Hailey Jaxon Hunter Joel Leah Kayleigh Nicole Knox Rachel Lincoln Trulee Lucas William Luna Zlata Take-home folders begin this week: There will be small homework tasks: some reading, printing or math. Please be sure to return the folder daily, so activities and books can be circulated. Dates to remember... Sep. 19 - Pizza/Milk money due Sep 20 - Parent Council meeting 6 - 7pm Sep 27 - Picture Day, Open House 5 - 6:30 Sep 28 - PA Day (no school) Welcome to a new school year!

Miss Galati and Mrs. Viola-Hodges are looking forward to a good year with you all.
This will be a platform for us to share upcoming events (there is a calendar for quick glances), news and activities or events that occur in the classroom.
We will post information on this site as we go through the school year.
Kindergarten   Class List for Rm 141

This will be posted here when classes are finalized. There may be some changes in the next week.

Pizza and Milk Orders
These forms can be returned to school in marked envelopes or plastic baggies in your child's mailbag.  Milk and pizza will begin in October.