Mrs. Darlington's Class

Growing in Catholic faith 
Year 2 (Kindergarten) and Grade 1

Happy New Year to all! As we continue our new year, may we reflect on moments of joy as well as friendships that we have established in 2016 at St. Michael of the Archangel. Let us celebrate that Christ is born. I want to thank each of you for walking with your child in Catholic education. I hope that 2017 is a memorable journey in Catholic faith and education.*
* Note: My apologies for typo errors last week- yikes, I must have had too much rest over the holidays!

News/ upcoming:

Just a reminder- drop off/ pick up on "snow days" (buses cancelled) is in the front foyer of the school.

Our school is going GREEN. Thank you to our team at St. Michael of the Archangel who is heading this up within our school community, including Mrs. Lassaline for taking the initiative for this new project.

In support of our ECOschools, I would ask that you continue to strive to pack litter-less lunches (food packed in recycled containers, no plastic water bottles, etc.) Updates will continue on this project! 

Thank you for all your tremendous support of your child's learning in 2016.
Thank you to all the families who were able to attend the Christmas concert.
Thank you to all the families who were able to contribute to our Holiday gathering.
Thank you to the families who were able to contribute to our lovely basket for the Women and Children's Shelter.
Thank you to Nicholas' mom for loaning the lovely Joseph attire and for Ashton for fulfilling this role at the last minute. We missed you Nicholas, as well as Logan and Othy who were absent. 
Thank you to Kaylee's family for making a lovely Mary attire.
Thank you to Mr. Nastasiuk and Mr. Dorion for their hard work in organizing the Christmas concert.

Items our busy bees could use:
- objects to sort  and organize (odd socks with no matches, buttons, beads, etc.,)
- valentine's crafty things
- cut outs from gift wrap or old gift bags (for our writing centre)
**Thank you to Nicholas' mom for making new batches of play dough and for Sofia's mom for dropping off new containers. We have happy campers with play dough! 

Updates on our class events are located on the left column of this page.

Remind 101- only if a reminder is needed outside of the web page

January Birthdays--

Balloons Othy- January 17th


Our Catholic Graduate School Expectations guide our practice as educators and our learning as students. As early as kindergarten, Catholic education begins to shape your child, to become:

   Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith community
- Effective communicators
- Reflective, creative and holistic thinkers
- Self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner
- Collaborative contributors
- Caring family members
- Responsible citizens

Important information this week: (January 16th- January 20th)

Monday- Library Time-- remind your child to put their book in the bin.
Tuesday- Physical education, Othy's birthday
Thursday- Physical Education, Pizza Day, Mrs. Darlington involved with professional development (am) therefore supply teacher am
Friday- Fun Friday

Just a friendly reminder: We strive to have 100% peanut free environment. If you are not sure whether a snack has peanuts, please make another choice. We have allergies in our school that are life threatening. Thank you for your support.

SOME areas of learning this week:


Year 2 in Kindergarten ("Senior"):
Our curriculum connects to 4 inter-related frames as follows: 
1. Belonging and contributing
2. Self-regulation and well-being
3. Demonstrating literacy and mathematical behaviours
4. Problem solving and Innovating

Our Year 2 students (senior kindergarten) are continuing to grow in many ways, including in their understanding that:
- visual arts can be expressed and explored in many ways
- there is a counting sequence with numbers (e.g., knowing that 7 is followed by 8)
- quantities can be decomposed and decomposed (e.g,, with link cubes, ten frames)
- they can explore and compare two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures
- they can explore/extend patterns through music, and any object (e.g., rocks, beads, buttons)
- they can use reading behaviours as they grow as primary readers (e.g,, stretching letter sounds, looking for chunks they know)
- they can use classroom resources to support their writing (e.g,, word wall and other resources) and they can explore writing in various ways (e.g., making letters to friends)
- they can connect with and respond to literature with a drawing, painting or in other forms
- they can identify letters in the alphabet and words that begin with the letters

** We integrate this letter sound song almost daily: (Feel free to play at home)

A good resource by the ministry for parents for reading/writing:

Grade 1:

Writing- Our grade ones are continuing to grow in their abilities to write simple forms. Your child will shift from writing a journal to you, to writing a journal retell (e.g., of their weekend, other). We will continue to focus on use of conventions and punctuation, organizing ideas and the editing process as we transition to "published" writing forms. 'Word work' will be done in class, unless unfinished. (please check in with your child) Please support your child with printing practise at home. We will be starting procedural writing on "making a hot chocolate" with a focus on word choice. Samples of writing and assessment will go home this week. Please sign and return. Your child's learning samples will be yours to keep at the end of the year.

Reading- I will aim to read with your child at least once (as well as with our SK friends) within the week, either one to one or in a small group. Your child will also hear stories daily) "listening to literature", and have opportunities to read with each other, as well as reading buddies each month. Please support your child with daily reading (levelled books- each book 2+ times) as much as you are able. A reminder will go home this week on what our reading goals are by the end of grade one.

Media Literacy- Continued focus from last week- Cross curricular focus with math (locating and identifyin two dimensional and three dimensional shapes) in magazines.

Math- We are continuing to explore number relationships to 20 (as part of our morning "brain fuel". You can support your child at home with addition/subtraction using various objects to 20. We are also working on concepts relating to spatial awareness (identifying and composing two-dimensional shapes including circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, hexagons and trapezoids). We are continuing to build on understanding time (to the hour and half hour). Again, please support your child with analog clocks and digital clocks at home.


We will will commence a new focus this week (Understanding structures and mechanisms). This is an engaging unit, and your child will have a culminating task (to build a structure). Details will go home closer to this time.

Social studies- We are continuing our focus on Heritage and Identity, with a focus on family traditions during the holidays. Your child will be sharing their traditions as part of their Oral Communication focus in language too. Our Year 2 kindergarten students will also share their traditions with our class.

 We will continue to embrace our Catholic faith in all that we do, aligning with the liturgical calendar, integrating chapel visits each week and building community grounded in Christ. We will begin to focus on the meaning of baptism, understanding how we are the church. 

Physical Education- covered by Mr. Dorion

French- covered by Ms. Sledz.
Note: Year 2 Kindergarten students will have the benefit of starting french one year early, with our grade ones.

Dance/Drama- dance is covered by Mr. Dorion

Visual Arts/ Music- We will continue our faith-filled music as part of our daily growth together. We have a few favourite songs already! We aim to incorporate visual arts very week, to align with the grade 1 expectations.