Mrs. Darlington's Class

Growing in Catholic faith 
Year 2 (Kindergarten) and Grade 1

Exciting news/ upcoming:
1/ Collaborative projects- I have networked with Mrs. Tilley's grade 7 class so that our little ones can have the opportunity to learn about coding/ robot projects! We started last Friday, and we will do this the next 2 upcoming Fridays as well. This was soooooo much fun!! Thank you to Mrs. Tilley and her class helpers! 

2/ Our year end celebration is set for Tuesday, June 20th at 9:45 am.

3/ Transition to big yard (Year 2 Kindergarten)- This is the week we begin to transition recess to the big yard. Please remind your child, the same expectations for play are in place.  

4/ Updates. Our year is coming to an end soon. Updates for June can be found on the calendar (left column). I will do my best to update the calendar, as things come up this month.

  Our butterfly observations- awaiting a change from chrysalis to butterfly!

Other important news:
1/ Dress for weather: Hats and water bottles. Our little ones are hungry when they are expending more energy.

2/ Little Readers- I will continue observing reading behaviours until the end of the month (as well as continue with other observations & assessment). However, early readers will be collected in the last 2 weeks of school to ensure we can re-stock these in our collection. Students will be able to read the readers at school.

Daily reading is still encouraged daily, and through the summer months. Our local Painswick library has some excellent resources for beginning and emerging readers.

Thank you to our SK/grade 1 families for continuing to send in craft supplies. 

Items our busy bees could use:
- craft items- any items are welcome 
- $1 store printed paper-- our busy bees love a variety of writing supplies
- play dough

Updates on our class events are located on the left column of this page. (June added. Birthdays will be added this week).

Remind 101- e.g., if a reminder is needed outside of the web page. Reminder: This is a one-way communication log. For communication regarding your child on an individual basis, please use your child's communication log or contact me at the school.

Balloons Nora- June 2nd. July/ Aug birthdays to be added
Mrs. Darlington & her twin celebrate this month! 


Our Catholic Graduate School Expectations guide our practice as educators and our learning as students. As early as kindergarten, Catholic education begins to shape your child, to become:

   Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith community
- Effective communicators
- Reflective, creative and holistic thinkers
- Self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner
- Collaborative contributors
- Caring family members
- Responsible citizens

Important information this week: (June 19th- 23rd)

Sunday- Relax and spend time with family
Monday- NO library- Please return all books
Tuesday- Physical Education, Year End Celebration (9:45 start)
Wednesday- Spirit Assembly- WEAR BLUE (primary), Mrs. Darlington off site
Thursday- Physical Education, Pizza Day
Friday-  Fantastic Friday! Coding/ Robot time with Mrs. Tilley's class,
Just a friendly reminder: We strive to have 100% peanut free environment. If you are not sure whether a snack has peanuts, please make another choice. We have allergies in our school that are life threatening. Thank you for your support.

WOW Butter is not permitted in our schools. Thank you for your support with keeping our schools safe.

SOME areas of learning this week:


Year 2 in Kindergarten ("Senior"):
Our curriculum connects to 4 inter-related frames as follows: 
1. Belonging and contributing
2. Self-regulation and well-being
3. Demonstrating literacy and mathematical behaviours
4. Problem solving and Innovating

Specific areas of Year 2 learning will not be posted in our last month.

A good resource by the ministry for parents for reading/writing:

Grade 1: Specific areas of Year 2 learning will not be posted in our last month.

Writing-  Not posted this month. Encourage writing of letters to family members and journals, this month and into the summer months! Your child can help you with other writing tasks, such as grocery lists, etc.

Reading-  READ, READ, READ!!!!! Visit your local library to explore what wonderful resources are available for your child, and just around the corner! 

Media Literacy- 
Look for advertising everywhere this summer. Can your child spot ads when you go for day trips, visit parks, go shopping, etc.?

Summer areas work on:
- math facts from 0 to 10. Build on mental math! (with a focus on subtraction
- money concepts- identifying coin amounts to 20 cents
- time- telling time to the hour, and half hour


Be a scientist- all year! 

Social studies-  
Look for community helpers over the summer. Why are they important to our community?

 With God, all things are possible. Let us keep our faith at the forefront of our learning, as we wrap up our final month together. Let us turn to God to help guide us with good choices, in building wonderful friendships and with our final steps in grade 1 learning.

Physical Education- stay active! :)

French-  Download 'Duolingo'- a great application for learning languages.

Dance/Drama- Explore some Zumba for kids on line this summer. Look for cultural activities and events in our community to explore dance. 

Visual Arts/ Music-  

Leave out a table of crafts, various colouring tools and supplies, and you will be amazed at what your child will design. Explore visual arts! Make musical instruments with recycled items.