Mrs. Darlington's Class

Growing in Catholic faith 
Year 2 (Kindergarten) and Grade 1

News/ upcoming:
Butterfly Study- is ongoing! Be sure to check in with your child on this. Our students have engaged in so many new discoveries relating to this learning- play dough creations, art pieces, caterpillars with 2D shapes, etc.. I am loving watching and listening to their inquiries! 

I checked in our caterpillars this weekend-- they are ready for new changes! 

        Our library visit! 

A creative learner through- a caterpillar, flowers and sun by Danica! (Year 2)
Our caterpillar inquiry-- the wonder and beauty 
of God's gifts. Our caterpillars are on the move! 

Other important news:
1/ Dress for weather: Hats suggested for warmer days. Water bottle daily, whether cool or warm. Let's cross our fingers for sunshine this week! :)

2/ This Friday is our Twin Spirit Day at St. Mike's- see below for details

3/ A date will be set soon for our Year End Celebration. (in June) We are aiming for the last week in June (daytime) at present.

Thank you to our SK/grade 1 families for continuing to send in craft supplies. 

Items our busy bees could use:
- craft items- any items are welcome 
- glue sticks- a few until the end of the year
- old cookie trays (e.g., if you do spring cleaning & replace)
- $1 store printed paper-- our busy bees love a variety of writing supplies
- play dough

Updates on our class events are located on the left column of this page. 

Remind 101- e.g., if a reminder is needed outside of the web page. Reminder: This is a one-way communication log. For communication regarding your child on an individual basis, please use your child's communication log or contact me at the school.

Balloons ASHTON- May 1st. Happy Birthday!!


Our Catholic Graduate School Expectations guide our practice as educators and our learning as students. As early as kindergarten, Catholic education begins to shape your child, to become:

   Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith community
- Effective communicators
- Reflective, creative and holistic thinkers
- Self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner
- Collaborative contributors
- Caring family members
- Responsible citizens

Important information this week: (May 21st- 25th)

Sunday- Relax and spend time with family
Monday-Holiday- No school
Thursday- Physical Education, Pizza Day
Friday-  Fantastic Friday and Twin Day (St. Mike's theme day)--dress like a friend or like someone famous! 

Just a friendly reminder: We strive to have 100% peanut free environment. If you are not sure whether a snack has peanuts, please make another choice. We have allergies in our school that are life threatening. Thank you for your support.

WOW Butter is not permitted in our schools. Thank you for your support with keeping our schools safe.

SOME areas of learning this week:


Year 2 in Kindergarten ("Senior"):
Our curriculum connects to 4 inter-related frames as follows: 
1. Belonging and contributing
2. Self-regulation and well-being
3. Demonstrating literacy and mathematical behaviours
4. Problem solving and Innovating

Some examples of learning that our Year 2 students are exploring in their learning and play experiences:
- asking questions, "I see, I wonder, I think.." throughout our caterpillar inquiries
- using strategies to problem solve, including in play outside and inside
- writing simple messages and growing in writing interests (including journals, messages at the writing centre, our butterfly discovery journals)
- making predictions in reading, as retell of details
- making predictions and observations before and during our investigations (caterpillar study, vegetables growing in the class)
- investigating the position of numbers in counting sequence (e.g., understanding that the quantity if greater when we go forward, and less when we go back)
- measuring and comparing two or more objects (e.g., exploring how wide, how tall, how long, and how heavy or light)

A good resource by the ministry for parents for reading/writing:

Grade 1:

Writing- Our grade ones are continuing to grow in their abilities to write simple forms. Starting last week, the grade ones will be writing almost daily in their journals with a topic of choice (versus just once/ week). My hope is to a/ facilitate ongoing writing growth b/ pave the way for summer journal writing.

We are focusing on the use of conventions, sentence fluency, sorting ideas and making simple revisions to improve content. 'Word work' (which includes hands-on learning) will be done in class, if scheduled in the week. Students are encouraged to record these in their agendas in the event that they might like to write or build these words at home. Please support your child with printing practise at home (proper printing formation). 

Words of week are: not covering specific words this week. We are focusing on adding unfamiliar words to our own personal dictionaries.

Reading- I will aim to read with your child at least once (as well as with our SK friends) within the week, either one to one or in a small group. Your child will also hear stories daily) "listening to literature", and have opportunities to read with each other, as well as reading buddies each month. Please support your child with daily reading (levelled books- each book 2+ times) as much as you are able.  

Robert Munsch is a wonderful author to listen to on line (visit his website: In his reading, he models effective use of "voice" very well!

Media Literacy- This month:
We will express our thoughts and feelings on simple media works (e.g., whether we like or dislike a character in a cartoon). We will write our our own cartoon story.

Math- We will continue the following in our weekly hands-on learning activities which include:
- money concepts including coin identification and adding coin amounts (up to 20 cents)
- integrating fractions which is linked to various areas of math learning (whole, halves, quarters and thirds)
- addition/ subtraction strategies and patterning concepts (growing, repeating, etc.,)
- doubles facts, and understanding math facts to 10*** practise at home
- reading, describing data, posing and answering questions about data

Continued learning this week: 
- using non-standard units to measure and record lengths, heights and distances (returning to this focus)
- learning strategies to measure lengths, heights and distances
- learning about capacity (hands-on with noodles), integrating estimating


we are focusing on 2 areas:
1/ Energy in our lives- every day uses of energy (e.g., food for living things such as humans & our caterpillars, gas for cars, batteries for toys, etc.)

2/ Life systems- investigating the needs of living things (our caterpillars), and observing changes in life cycle

Assessment for garage structure: will go home for you to review. Please return to save on paper. Everything counts towards assessment.

Social studies-  Will not be covered this week

If any of your family members work in these roles, and would like to come into our classroom to share their role as a community helper, please let me know.

 We will continue to embrace our Catholic faith in all that we do, aligning with the liturgical calendar and Religious Education. We will continue to integrate chapel visits each week, while also focusing on building community grounded in Christ. 

Physical Education- covered by Mr. Dorion

French- covered by Ms. Sledz.
Note: Year 2 Kindergarten students will have the benefit of starting french one year early, with our grade ones.

Dance/Drama- covered by Mr. Dorion

Visual Arts/ Music- We will continue our faith-filled music as part of our daily growth together. We aim to incorporate visual arts very week, to align with the grade 1 expectations.