Mrs. Darlington's Class

Growing in Catholic faith 
Year 2 (Kindergarten) and Grade 1

This month, we are reflecting on our virtue of love. In February, and every month, let us be reminded that we can spread love every day! I have enjoyed witnessing this love in action within our SK/ grade 1 classroom. Let's keep our 'garden of love' at the forefront of all we do!

News/ upcoming:
Family Day- February 20th. No school. Enjoy your time with family! 

Report Cards- Go home on Wednesday. February 22nd

I would like to start a "Wonder Workshop" once a month in our classroom, for us to explore something new. If you or a family member has a job that you or they might be excited to share in our class, please help our little ones grow with wonder. Send me a note in your child's communication log. Please note, a police screening needs to be in place for all volunteers.

Just a reminder- drop off/ pick up on "snow days" (buses cancelled) is in the front foyer of the school.

In support of our ECO schools, I would ask that you continue to strive to pack litter-less lunches (food packed in recycled containers, no plastic water bottles, etc.) This also helps for you to see what your child has eaten or not eaten at nutrition breaks.

Thank you for continuing to send in craft supplies. 

Items our busy bees could use:
- paper towels
- cut outs from gift wrap or old gift bags (for our writing centre)
- old cookie trays (e.g., if you do spring cleaning & replace)

Updates on our class events are located on the left column of this page. 

Remind 101- e.g., if a reminder is needed outside of the web page
  Celebrating great artists with our Valentine's art work! 

February Birthdays

Balloons Savanna- Feb 14th, Nicholas- Feb 19th, Scotlynn- Feb 24th, 


Our Catholic Graduate School Expectations guide our practice as educators and our learning as students. As early as kindergarten, Catholic education begins to shape your child, to become:

   Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith community
- Effective communicators
- Reflective, creative and holistic thinkers
- Self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner
- Collaborative contributors
- Caring family members
- Responsible citizens

100gummies 100th day of school- gummy worms organized by Ewan and Nicholas (SK) Gr1.Valentine                Grade ones- busy with Valentine cards

Important information this week: (February 20- 24th)

Monday- Family Day! No School
Tuesday- Welcome Back! Dental screening at school
1/ Colts Assembly- bring Colts items to be signed (if you have at home)
2/ Report cards go home- be sure you check mail bags. Celebrate successes/learning and work on 'next steps' in Term 2! **
3/ This month, I have been running Jump for the Love of It (Jump Rope) on Wednesdays for students in grade ones to grade three. Due to the high volume of students attending (second recess in the gym), we are not able to have the kindergarten students join us. Join me next year! :) 
Thursday- Physical Education, Pizza Day
Friday- Fun Friday! ‚ÄčLibrary Day

Just a friendly reminder: We strive to have 100% peanut free environment. If you are not sure whether a snack has peanuts, please make another choice. We have allergies in our school that are life threatening. Thank you for your support.

SOME areas of learning this week:


Year 2 in Kindergarten ("Senior"):
Our curriculum connects to 4 inter-related frames as follows: 
1. Belonging and contributing
2. Self-regulation and well-being
3. Demonstrating literacy and mathematical behaviours
4. Problem solving and Innovating

Our Year 2 students (senior kindergarten) are continuing to grow in many ways, including in their understanding that:
- visual arts can be expressed and explored in many ways (through crafts, painting, drawings, things your child creates.)
- they can add and subtract in various ways (e.g., use counting sequences, count backwards and see how many are remaining, pull a number of objects out and see how many remain, join two sets of objects)
- they can begin to explore symmetry in their play experiences
- they can explore and explain the relationship between two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures (e.g., explain that the flat surface of a cylinder is circle, or that the flat surface of a cube is a square)
- they can use reading behaviours as they grow as primary readers (e.g., use visuals to support reading, use "Chunky Monkey" (look for chunks we know) and "Lips the Fish" (look at beginning sounds)
- they can use classroom resources to support their writing (e.g,, word wall, words in class, lists, etc.) and they can explore writing in various ways
- they can connect with and respond to literature with a drawing, painting or in other form

Ask your child to share this Seasons Song with you (see link below). It has bee a fun song to explore music, dance and movement while learning about the seasons!

A good resource by the ministry for parents for reading/writing:

Grade 1:

Writing- Our grade ones are continuing to grow in their abilities to write simple forms. Journal focus (retells) will continue. We are working the use of conventions and punctuation, using our voice, organizing ideas and the editing process. 'Word work' will be done in class, if scheduled in the week. Please support your child with printing practise at home. We will work on Procedural writing this week (step by step writing). 

Reading- I will aim to read with your child at least once (as well as with our SK friends) within the week, either one to one or in a small group. Your child will also hear stories daily) "listening to literature", and have opportunities to read with each other, as well as reading buddies each month. Please support your child with daily reading (levelled books- each book 2+ times) as much as you are able.  Note: These books are generally switched up on Mondays, unless there was a change in schedule (e.g., snow day, etc.)

Robert Munsch is a wonderful author to listen to on line (visit his website: In his reading, he models effective use of "voice" very well!

Media Literacy-  We will assess media advertising this week (not covered with short week last week). We are exploring main messages in media texts (such as t.v. commercials or magazine advertisements). We are reflecting on who the audience is, intended messages and our viewpoints around the messages. You can focus on this at home, if your child has T.V. viewing time in the evening.

Math- We are working on concepts relating to spatial awareness, with a focus on identifying and understanding relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Have your child go on a shape hunt in the house, guiding them with seeing 2D shapes within 3D shapes. We are also exploring symmetry (creating symmetrical designs and pictures). Every week, we will work on addition/ subtraction strategies to support this continued growth.


We are learning about the properties of various materials, and the purpose of various materials. This week we will explore different materials discovering those that are for absorbing, those for flexibility or those for strength).

Social studies-  not covered this week

 We will continue to embrace our Catholic faith in all that we do, aligning with the liturgical calendar and grade 1 Religious Education. We aim to integrate chapel visits each week, while also focusing on building community grounded in Christ. 

Physical Education- covered by Mr. Dorion

French- covered by Ms. Sledz.
Note: Year 2 Kindergarten students will have the benefit of starting french one year early, with our grade ones.

Dance/Drama- dance is covered by Mr. Dorion

Visual Arts/ Music- We will continue our faith-filled music as part of our daily growth together. We have a few favourite songs already! We aim to incorporate visual arts very week, to align with the grade 1 expectations.