Parent Tips

It has been a great start to the new school year...

It is great to see how independent these students are.  They know how to do so much for themselves.  We will be building on this as the year goes on.  Knowing that it may take a while to acquire new skills, we have built in the time to allow for practice and review of new learning in the students' growing independence.
Thanks to parents who are supporting their children in their growth by letting them have the opportunities to 'struggle' through new learning.  These 'struggles' build independence, perseverance, confidence.  The message is always, "Yes, you can."
In learning new skills and competencies we rely on this growth model:
I do.  We do.  You do.
This allows for a supportive and comfortable release of control for new learning to take place.  We share the confidence that they are competent and capable.

Welcome to a new school year...

This section of the site will provide insight to some concepts that are being explored in the classroom.  As we go through the year, information will be shares with parents on how to support your children at home, websites to visit for more information, etc.